Sunita— A mixed-race story

SUNITA | A mixed-race story By: Mary Jane Davey Filipino/American Photographer   “At first glance, you might think, “she looks native.” Nope, she’s not.Let me introduce you to Sunita Crutch, a Vancouver-based model. She is Indonesian-Caucasian from an Indonesian mother and a British father.It excites me that I get to work with more and more mixed-race models these days—particularly mixed-Asian models. They had been overly under-represented. Lately, I have seen more of us in magazines, and seeing myself in these …

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Abilene Courts off Bankhead Highway

Abilene Courts off Bankhead Highway The Abilene Courts project is visited by a fashionable, classic traveller who brings awareness to sustainable fashion and the preservation of historical sites. With pieces bought at a local boutique, local mall, and online boutique to fill the travelling woman’s suitcase, she remains current and turns heads through any era while she wears and supports sustainable clothes. Blouse  Bella Dahl Pants  Bella DahlPink Hat  Olive & PiqueShoes  Azalea WangVintage gloves from collector and historic preservationist Pebbles …

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editorial-lady grand

Lady Grand Photography SVPhotography  Designer Dianna DiNoble  Model Jilldeen Ezeudu

Couture for planet justice

Couture for planet justice. Photographer Art by Court Winter Fashion Designer Simi D Model Bekah Von Makeup Artist Kayli Jean Wardrobe Stylist Okimmi By Simi D Upcycle designer Simi D has made a deeply conceptual line that gives life to the excessive supply that is clogging our resale market. The US landfills swallow over ten million tons of textiles yearly, with scant conversations about the lost resources to its production. Simi D has designed and scaled an exquisite and spiritual …

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ELEGANCE Photography Chirly Chantal Hübenthal (Chirlyart)Model Yo SeaWardrobe Elegance

My Quarantine Life

Sabeeha K. Bhatti is an illustrator, homeschooling parent, crafts-lover and a passionate gourmet based in Mississauga, Canada. When she is not homeschooling or managing the ‘business’ side of things, she loves drawing and illustrating, especially hijab-wearing women. Her quarantine life-forced to stay at home, most if not all of the time–inspired S.K. Bhatti to come up with creative ideas to do things she would generally do a certain way.While she is in a mental state of mixed feelings of uncertainty …

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Face masks have become the indispensable accessories

As we are living in the Age of the Mask, Face masks have become the indispensable accessories. Sprout Collection Launches Mask-Initiative in Support of Efforts to Combat the Spread of COVID-19 Face masks are omnipresent these days amid coronavirus pandemic that continues to threaten lives across the globe, making face masks if not mandatory, then advised. Recognizing the nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment, designers, fashion brands, emerging designers, anyone who can are breaking out the sewing machines and making …

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floral immunity

Vanessa Kiraly hopes that Canada will be able to “BLOOM” once more and that life will return to normal.

Inspired by the colour of life in spring VANIKA by Vanessa Kiraly redesigned hospital masks that reflect the blooming of flowers in spring to represent the reinvigoration of life after a long winter. As flowers of hope bloom from the VANIKA design Masks, Kiraly pays tribute to healthcare workers worldwide, fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


The plague Doctor captures the different elements of what has been happening–politically, emotionally and spiritually–to the world while the underlying eerie-ness ensnares the “unknown” of it all. The photographer seeks to utilize the plague doctor mask and draw parallels between the circumstance of which it was created and modern-day. Photography by Samantha Moss of MossWorks PhotographyDesigner Dave Ross, Branded Heron LeatherworksModel Amber Bridgeman