A.I. Edition

Welcome to the future of fashion! In this special issue of FORWARD, we bring an exciting selection of content entirely created by artificial intelligence. From the cover image featuring a stunning model wearing a one-of-a-kind AI-generated dress to the fashion editorials showcasing the AI-designed collections that push the boundaries of fashion, every image in this issue has been created using cutting-edge A.I. technology. The issue explores how this innovative technology is utilized, and its capacity to shape the fashion industry’s future. But what does it mean to have a fashion magazine entirely created by A.I.? In this special issue —FORWARD and A.I.— we focus on its potential to allow us to explore new and exciting aesthetics that might not be possible with traditional photography. We hope that you will enjoy this unique and groundbreaking issue of FORWARD and be inspired to think about the endless possibilities of fashion in the age of A.I. We hope you enjoy this special AI-powered edition and let the future of fashion unfold before your eyes.
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