FORWARDFashion Toronto moves into an ambitious intersection of tradition and technology with “Threads of the Future: A.I. Weaving a New Fashion Narrative.” Under our fresh initiative, FORWARD AI, we spotlight the intricate synergy between artificial intelligence and the timeless craft of fashion design and content creation. Fashion has chronicled tales and painted cultures, movements, and revolutions across epochs. This artistry—our touchstone—has ceaselessly intersected with innovations, and today, we escalate that dialogue. Artificial Intelligence, previously confined to rigid binary worlds, is now expanding into textures, patterns, and palettes. We push the boundaries of fashion by merging A.I.-generated designs with the artistic vision of today’s leading fashion designers, photographers, and stylists. This ISSUES features the works of the trailblazers, the believers, and those who find enchantment in the wild unknown. As the digital and the physical worlds entwine, we are proud to chronicle and share with you the artistic creations that push fashion’s boundaries, while embracing the gentle guidance of A.I. in our pursuit of the uncharted.

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FORWARD | AI Edition |

Welcome to the future of fashion! In this special issue of FORWARD, we bring an exciting selection of content entirely created by artificial intelligence. From the cover image featuring a stunning model wearing a one-of-a-kind AI-generated dress to the fashion editorials showcasing the AI-designed collections that push the boundaries of fashion, every image in this issue has been created using cutting-edge A.I. technology. The issue explores how this innovative technology is utilized, and its capacity to shape the fashion industry’s future. But what does it mean to have a fashion magazine entirely created by A.I.? In this special issue —FORWARD and A.I.— we focus on its potential to allow us to explore new and exciting aesthetics that might not be possible with traditional photography. We hope that you will enjoy this unique and groundbreaking issue of FORWARD and be inspired to think about the endless possibilities of fashion in the age of A.I. We hope you enjoy this special AI-powered edition and let the future of fashion unfold before your eyes.


Fashion technology has come to the forefront as the industry uses innovative technologies to transform and adapts fashion in the digital era.
Today, when the fashion industry is facing an era never seen before and undergoing a dramatic, technology-fueled makeover, “The Digital” Issue focuses on the cyclical nature of society and technologies. We explore the co-dependent relationship of co-influence and co-production of the two to equip the fashion industry with the skills and awareness necessary to thrive in an environment that will be increasingly reliant on technology.


The GREEN Edition

Raising Consciousness – What effects will my decisions and actions today have on future generations and the planet’s health? Educating ourselves and educating our readers of an urgent and vital issue, we raise awareness of major problems of the fashion industry to find durable solutions. We bring some of the fashion industry’s sustainability professionals to learn how to lower the environmental impact and achieve a greener industry, from Fashion Academic leader and Economist to Sustainable fashion pioneer and activist. There is a new energy in the sustainable fashion space. Culture is shifting. Throughout the last few years, the conversation around sustainable fashion has continued to evolve. It is now at the heart of discussions at all levels of the industry. We bring the global exchange on how one can tread the industry’s new path towards the future of new fashion in our GREEN EDITION.



Inspiration is the springboard for creativity– Fashion in its entirety is nothing but Inspiration–creativity and possibilities to break the boundaries. Every story is an inspiration powerful enough to impact your ideas and how you think. We believe that our stories are what shape us into who we are. So, with an eager heart ready to absorb the vitality of the Toronto fashion industry, and Canadian fashion metropoles, and across the globe, FORWARDs’ SS edition-themed INSPIRATION brings the story of Inspiration–the artists’ genuine stories and experiences that go into their creations. The Inspiration Issue is an ode, a love letter to the people who inspire us to celebrate the rewards of creativity. There is an inspirational story for everyone, the artists’ experiences that offer a window into their artistry and onto our time you can resonate and identify. Putting the magazine together was a very stimulating experience for FORWARD–it felt like a dream gathering of words dancing in Inspiration. We hope this issue will spur the same eager fervour that transforms how we perceive our capabilities to succeed, transcending our ordinary experiences and limitations.
FORWARD | WAY FORWARD-Future of Fashion |

Way FORWARD-Manjit Cover

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E-Book     |     Print Copy 

All creatives– Designer, Stylists, Influencers, Photographers, Artists, Models, and everyone in between–join their voices to tell us how their relationship with Fashion has evolved and how they see the future of Fashion. To ensure a fashion brand’s success, we need to understand that the inspiration, creativity, and intuition that is Fashion, is also as much an organization, strategy, and management. To focus on the “Creative” and the “Business” aspect of Fashion, it only fitted to spotlight it with a special ISSUE that offered two alternate covers for the same issue. In the first version, we have Klaudia Zinaty-Capalbo, the FGI Regional Director, to spotlight the Fashion Industry. The alternate cover, beer baroness Manjit Minhas, spotlights the importance to think and behave like an entrepreneur to start a fashion business and become successful.



From cover to cover, we bring the story of survival, of those who fought against the pandemic circumstances and won—the story of inspiration for the generations to follow. In the spirit of keeping our “Need and Ability to Create” alive and vibrant, FORWARD took to the social media platform to keep the community connected and continue what we do best–collaborate. Together we record this incredibly challenging time–the societal and cultural reset, the solidarity, the kindness that created positive change–for we know we will want to look back on how we moved forward with hope.



“Ageless Issue” is a statement that Fashion is in itself “Age-unrelated.” We seek to explore the ephemeral concept of time in the context of the fashion industry– whether it relates to age, the seasons, or style itself. The fashion industry is designed to make you feel “out of trend” after one season if not after one week. A shelf-life binds Fashion with a short life-cycles to only capture the mood of the moment. Fashion system, as we know, is subject to a perpetuation of the construction of this specific age identity, and consumption on a seasonal basis. Fashion system does not have to be dependent on age identity or time. So, this current theme, “Ageless” declares the standpoint that an individual doesn’t age out of Fashion, nor should a style or a dress suddenly become a passe’. Starting from fashion designers to fashion models to consumers of Fashion and clothes itself, Fashion is the lifelong relationship, individual practice and expression which is valid in its own right.



Commercialization nowadays has imposed constraints on creative minds. In business, originality isn’t enough. We know that “VISION” is essential as an artist to create. The edition “VISION” was to respect the creative mind of an artist. Often society, commercial, obligations, and expectations limit the actual expression or communication of their Vision. The Issue was to give the fashion creators the freedom to open up and put their Vision and point of view across without external constraints crushing their intrinsic motivation–the strong internal desire to do something based on interests and passions.


WOMENS’ Edition

WOMENS’ Edition- There is an abundance of powerful women in the industry who are poised to take things over and forge their way to the top. Women are amazing and deserve to be celebrated every day. The Women’s Issue is proof that women do run the world as we at Forward shine our light on women whose accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary. “Perhaps it is not a question of why men still run the fashion industry, but how are we nourishing the female power?”



The process of design is a long and complicated adventure of fascination, stretching further than its layered sketches or yards of Fabric. The DESIGNER Issue shares a compelling story on the mystery and allure, which becomes sewn into a dress. The Issue admires the growing democratization of fashion as the rise of individual fashion consciousness is shaking up the fashion industry in a historic effort. A destination for emerging talent full of passion, we focused our lens on the creative process of artists who blaze the trail in design. From labels that reveal your inner strength and individualism, to those who help you travel lighter or protect your skin from UV-rays, we present the need-to-know names of the present and future.




Ethical Fashion is high on the agenda amongst consumers. Using this topical term as the guiding theme, ETHICAL Issue seeks out beauty in a moral fashion. Whether it is to do with diversity, inclusivity, sustainable Fashion, Fashion for charity or academic approach to Fashion, and conversely, simply to get lost in its frivolity. Beyond size, race, and gender, there is another beauty barrier shunned by its very obviousness: Ableism. We bring you the unedited voice of Rachel Romu to tell you about the identity and self-worth of a “disabled” (aka. differently-abled) body–to represent the barrier of disability in Fashion, and society by extension. Discover something to celebrate on each page.