Alex Bruni “The Cage”

THE CAGE Performed by the model and performance artist Alex Bruni, “The Cage” is allegory of the ageing and social stereotypes attributed to it. The performance rebels against age biases, replacing them with passion, strength and beauty. Alex starts dancing with a heavy burden of clothes that limits her body and imprisons her mind.As she persists, the layers fall apart, until she is free.   Starring Alex Bruni / Grey Model Agency / Photography Zuzu Valla / @zuzu.vallaHair Electric …

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The ’70s Fashion

The ’70s When there were no rules in Fashion   Flashback to a fashion that catches with colour, diversity, joy and lack of rules. CREATING controversy and experimenting, searching for expressive solutions and treating the outfit as a tool to express one’s personality are inspiring for this period–The ’70s    Photography Kamila Blaszkiewicz  Model Wiktoria | Rebel Models  MakeUp TMochocka Make up  Style Monika Grzegorczyk  Hair Katarzyna Kozłowska

Ageing is a Refinement​

Eleanor Roosevelt said that “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
but beautiful old people are works of art.” And indeed, FORWARD
perceived real beauty in a person as they grew older. And we celebrate the
thread which refines the society in this AGELESS Edition.

The Ageless Fashion Illustration

For an artist, the most enjoyable part is the process of creation–inspiration, composition and construction, sketching, and reflection.