My Quarantine Life

Sabeeha K. Bhatti is an illustrator, homeschooling parent, crafts-lover and a passionate gourmet based in Mississauga, Canada. When she is not homeschooling or managing the ‘business’ side of things, she loves drawing and illustrating, especially hijab-wearing women.

Her quarantine life-forced to stay at home, most if not all of the time–inspired S.K. Bhatti to come up with creative ideas to do things she would generally do a certain way.
While she is in a mental state of mixed feelings of uncertainty and peace, she chose art to express her creative energy by capturing her newfound ways of living a pandemic life in her illustrations.

One can never have enough of Sabeeha K. Bhatti’s unique illustrations–follow her online store on Etsy for more art prints, mugs and accessories featuring her signature hijabi-woman illustrations.