“Ageless Issue” is a statement that Fashion is in itself “Age-unrelated.” We seek to explore the ephemeral concept of time in the context of the fashion industry– whether it relates to age, the seasons, or the style itself. The fashion industry is designed to make you feel “out of trend” after one season, if not after one week. A shelf-life binds Fashion with short life cycles to only capture the moment’s mood. The fashion system, as we know, is subject to a perpetuation of the construction of this specific age identity and consumption on a seasonal basis. The fashion system does not have to be dependent on age, identity or time. So, this current theme, “Ageless,” declares the standpoint that an individual doesn’t age out of Fashion, nor should a style or a dress suddenly become a passe’. From fashion designers to fashion models to consumers of Fashion and clothes itself, Fashion is a lifelong relationship, individual practice and expression which is valid in its own right.


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