WAY FORWARD-future of fashion

All creatives– Designer, Stylists, Influencers, Photographers, Artists, Models, and everyone in between–join their voices to tell us how their relationship with Fashion has evolved and how they see the future of Fashion. It is in the diverse and individual vision that we believe, and it is from each other we learn and grow, and together we find common ground to define the future of Fashion. With the edition ” WAY FORWARD,” we bring hopes for the future of the fashion industry. To ensure a fashion brand’s success, we need to understand that the inspiration, creativity, and intuition that is Fashion, is also as much an organization, strategy, and management. To focus on the “Creative” and the “Business” aspect of Fashion, it only fitted to spotlight it with a special ISSUE that offered two alternate covers for the same issue. In the first version, we have Klaudia Zinaty-Capalbo, the FGI Regional Director, to spotlight the Fashion Industry. The alternate cover, beer baroness Manjit Minhas, Maestro of entrepreneurship, a Dragon from the TV show Dragons’ Den on CBC spotlights the importance to think and behave like an entrepreneur to start a fashion business and become successful.