Un brin de rien-Fanny Capuano

Un brin de rien.

Fanny Capuano expresses the calm, the quietness, and the pause from the hectic everyday lives.

FCapuano is a ready-to-wear and custom design brand based in Montreal. The brand is built on the belief that clothes represent what we are and what we want to be, by designer Fanny Capuano. The brand values and cares about the personality that they communicate. Produced in small quantities to avoid overproduction and waste, FCapuano encourages customization.

The year 2020 was supposed to have been a great moment for me. I was finishing my fashion design studies, and to finally work full time on my brand. I prepared for my fall 2020 collection by buying my fabrics in February. About three weeks later, the entire world shut down, but thankfully I had some materials to work on after the semester ended. My fall collection, “Un brin de rien,” was my outlet during the pandemic. The collection, which translates to “a bit of nothing,” expresses the calm, the quietness, and a pause from the hectic everyday lives. The collection is reflective of my state of mind, the longing for calm and stillness that I needed very much after six years of fashion studies. I created a collection–simple and straightforward straight from my heart, without the expectations.
“Un brin de rien,” which translates to “a bit of nothing,” expresses the calm, the quietness, and a pause from the hectic everyday lives.
    The fall collection evolved along with the pandemic, with ups and downs. The creative process drew me very close to it–I had the fabrics that I loved, and I just made the clothes. It was therapeutic to create spontaneously without having to draw out a concrete idea or without anyone expecting anything. The collection “Un brin de rien” is purely me, and my creative visions clean and unadulterated without the external noise. I still wanted to share the collection and did it with a very quiet launch and a simple photoshoot to connect with my clients and express my gratitude for all the support received through these challenging times. Lockdown has been a wake-up call and a significant experience in making us realize how broken the seasonal production system is and the future uncertainties. For instance, early in the year, I was very enthusiastic about what was to come and planned with shiny, fun fabrics for the Holiday collections. The decision I made ten months ago is impacting me now. So I decided to review my calendar thoroughly, and instead of seasonal collections, I will now be doing monthly drops of a few pieces. It helps me feel closer to and more relevant to society’s needs and respond better to my clientele’s needs. I re-visioned to co-create more with my clients, so it is more personal. As a small local business, I have to compete with real giants in the industry. However, I have the advantage of being close to the production process to change my course easily. I am close with my clients, and the pandemic made me realize the importance of intimate connection. And I hope this experience will be a step forward for the consciousness of this world. ■

Photography Kaven Tremblay |
Models Nadya Goorachurn | Lydia Houde
Hair Nancy St-Gelais |
Makeup Luz Paradis

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