Saint Cosmetics


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SAINT cosmetics is a passion brand created by Joanna Montesano in 2014, inspired by the knowledge she gleaned from her upbringing and through her journey of embracing cleaner products to address her demanding skincare requirements.

The holistic approach to beauty– treating the internal and external body as one connected part–is the only way she knows beauty. She grew up with a grandmother who taught her the beautiful and essential ritual of self-care, self-nurturing and healing oneself with ingredients straight from Mother Earth, using plants and natural ingredients to improve skin and boost health. By combining all these powerful lessons, Montesano created a beauty experience without compromising health or product performance while ensuring it is compatible with even the most sensitive skin.

“SAINT cosmetics is a leaping bunny certified clean makeup line made with antioxidant, high performing skincare ingredients and Ecocert minerals that transform skin for flawless results.”