Masks For All-Way Forward

Masks For All

Presented by Fashion Circuit Series

Photography Olga Hutsul | Makeup MIller Manzo and team, Paolo “s Beauty Bar

Design, and Dialogue are components of the Fashion Circuit Series portfolio, which focuses on mental health and brings greater awareness to our community, supporting those in fashion and arts through dialogue and conference. In March 2020, our organization pivoted to help the community and answered a call to action to make nonmedical masks. Through the ‘Masks For All campaign,’ teams of volunteers and facilitators made many thousands of face masks and distributed them all over the Greater Toronto Area to various groups and individuals at no cost. Our initiative was to make sure nonmedical covers were accessible to all. On this journey through the pandemic, we were able to connect with our community. We learned a human story of emotion, challenge, isolation, fear and lifestyle change that we wanted to share through art and makeup of what is behind the mask. As we lifted the facial covering, a sharing of humanity showed itself. Not just through the lens of eyes but creatively. This portfolio shows the artistic beauty of makeup curated by MIller Manzo, Paolo “s Beauty Bar and her professional team. Through the visual lens of Olga Hutsul, we capture the essence of what is behind the mask.
Message from the President, Fashion Circuit Series, Leslie Silvestri.