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Toronto fashion sprawls – from Queen West and Fashion District to King West and Kensington Market to Bloor-Yorkville, and beyond and outward. It expands internationally and then finds its way back into the city to develop a vibrant fashion culture of its own. We find talents at art galleries, events, shows, and street corners, developing a dynamic fashion culture all its own in an industry that’s continually changing. FORWARD saw the need to create media, quality content to help bring brands together and also to connect them to their audience at scale. FORWARD online–a daily content is a platform where all creatives come together to create a healthy dialogue about today’s creativity, as well as what’s new in today’s society to make sure readers are on top of the game in the industry.

The content which is updated daily recognizes the value of the diverse artistic expression. Through interviews with industry experts, collaborative editorials with independent photographs and a blend of various cultural interest subjects, you will find an opportunity to grow, learn and discover new ideas.