Chic Made Consciously


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With a business degree and love for fashion, Cassandra Ciarallo launched Chic Made Consciously, a company offering repurposed, handmade and fair-trade accessories. As a social entrepreneur, her passion is to help those in less developed countries have access to fair wages and empower consumers to wear a better story. She believes sustainability is a lifestyle choice, where we have the power to make small incremental steps every day to create a better world.

Chic Made Consciously was born in early 2015 to make a change in the fashion industry. The inspiration came after Cassandra visited Bali, Indonesia and met Art Cycle Bali, an artisan group transforming tire waste into intricately handmade fashion accessories. Cassandra was inspired to collaborate and bring their wears to North America. Since then, she has expanded the collections and partnered with two more artisan collectives in Cambodia, offering lines from recycled brass from war remnants along with reclaimed textile waste and fabric offcuts. 

“Our mission is to reconnect consumers to what they buy through our transparency and commitment to the makers. What sets us apart is our unique and bold designs, our dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship, as well as our creative use of repurposing materials for a sustainable future.” Cassandra Ciarallo