Ageing is a Refinement​

Ageing is a Refinement

To Recognize the Confidence that is Elegant and Graceful.

Frau Brigitte Haist has been many things: wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a friend. Above all, she is a refinement to the society.

Today at 80-years-old, Frau Haist is a real-life beauty armoured with
wisdom, experience, and grace through the gift of age. She is just one of
many silver-haired charms that make the reality of our society–but largely
remain invisible to many instances, unfortunately.
Eleanor Roosevelt said that “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
but beautiful old people are works of art.” And indeed, FORWARD
perceived real beauty in a person as they grew older. And we celebrate the
thread which refines the society in this AGELESS Edition.

Editor-in-Chief of FORWARD, Ugyen Wangmo, got together with Frau Haist for a personal, intimate photoshoot at the luxury of her classy  home that brought out her personality the best. Going through her closet was another whole new experience; it was a glamorous world of elegant, well-tailored outfits she has pieced together.